Technical Supervisor/LCMS Operator/Data Reader

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Gentox Lab Services, LLC
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Job Description –
• Acting head of LC/MS department in all COLA Surveys
• The supervisor is responsible for monitoring compliance with all applicable regulations.
• Performs the duties of a technologist in the operations of the LC/MS instrument
• Reads and interprets all data from the LC/MS (patient, calibration and QC).
• Evaluates and documents the competency of technologists and technicians and assures that the staff maintain their competency to perform test procedures and report test results promptly, accurately and proficiently and in accordance with applicable regulations.
• Performs testing personnel assessments as required by COLA
• Provides initial and on-going training to all personnel
• Monitors test analyses and specimen examinations to maintain acceptable levels of analytic performance.
• Holds all patient results and performs all necessary corrective action to ensure the test system is properly functioning.
• Establishes and maintains systems for patient identification, transport, storage and disposal of specimens adhering to internal and external policies and regulations
• Establishes protocols for performance of confirmatory and additional procedures as indicated.
• Adheres to the quality assurance program to monitor variables that affect the quality of clinical laboratory services.
• Adheres to the quality control program and monitors the raw data as required
• Prepares and updates policy and procedure manuals as necessary
• Adheres to the preventative maintenance program for instrumentation and equipment.
• Adheres to the safety measures in accordance with all regulations
• Extensive knowledge of CLIA/COLA requirements and adherence of guidelines
• Helps to identify and implement strategies to reduce costs and improve quality of service.
• Supervise and oversight to the sample processor and preparer
• Supervisor and oversight to the qualitative screening instrument and operator
• Oversight of and review of qualitative screening operations and data
• Prepare samples as needed
• Maintain detailed records of tests performed and report laboratory results with superb organization skills
• Implement and adhere to the Federal Guidelines and enroll the department in Proficiency Testing on a continuous basis
o Perform Proficiency Testing and perform split-sampling when required
o Review Proficiency Testing results on a timely basis and perform corrective action when indicated
• Review all end of month data to ensure it meets regulatory compliance
o Temperature charts, Maintenance charts, Calibration data, Quality Control data, Proficiency Testing, etc. Any documents generated the prior month is to be reviewed and corrective action provided to improve processes
• Ensure the test menu is accurate and complete in COLA Central
• Ensure testing personnel information is up to date and accurate in COLA Central
• Participate in client concerns in regards to patient results, i.e., perform a pre-clinical consultant investigation form
• Handle any issues that arise throughout the work-day throughout the laboratory
• Create an Excel document to outline test volume to reagent usage for cost containment
• Order supplies as needed

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Kathleen Harrison, MBA, MT (AMT)
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