Application Process:

  • Click the link below to complete the appropriate Membership Application Form (Full or Associate Membership Application; Student Membership Application; Promotion Application; or Retirement Application)
  • Remit payment to the SOFT office. Instructions will be sent by email upon completion of your membership form.
  • SOFT will contact the References on your application to request completion of the Reference Form.
  • Once the application, payment and reference forms have been received, the application will go before the Membership Committee for approval.
  • Applicants will be informed of the decision of the Membership Committee within six weeks.

Types of Membership:

Full Members: Full (also referred to as "Regular") members are those who fulfill the qualifications set forth below. They must pay dues and have full voting privileges. Full membership in SOFT shall be available to individuals who have demonstrated their ability to function as forensic toxicologists as recognized by SOFT and who are actively engaged in forensic toxicology at the time of application. Applicants for Full membership must have the following education degrees and experience in forensic toxicology:

  • Ph.D. and two years experience
  • M.S. and four years experience
  • B.S. or B.A. and six years experience

Associate Members: Applicants who do not qualify for Full membership, but who demonstrate interest in forensic toxicology, are eligible for Associate membership. Associate members pay dues but do not have voting privileges and do not qualify for "Retired" status.

Student Members: Students pursuing degrees and careers in disciplines related to forensic toxicology may apply for membership as Student Affiliate members. Students who are seeking advanced degrees and actively engaged in forensic toxicology need to apply as Full or Associate Members. Student Members pay reduced dues and do not have voting privileges.

Retired Members: Retired Members are Full Members or Charter Members with at least 25 years experience in forensic toxicology or 10 years of Full Member or Charter Member status in SOFT and who have reached the age of 65. Retired Members have voting privileges but do not pay dues.


All Full, Associate, and Promotional Member applicants must be sponsored by two Full SOFT members in good standing. All Student Member applicants must be sponsored by one Full SOFT member in good standing or academic advisor.

Cost of Dues: 

$100 Full or Associate Members

$15 Student Affiliate Members

$0 Retired Members

Membership Applications:

Full and Associate Membership Application

Student Application

Promotion Application

Retirement Application

Reference Form