Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Supervisor - 3rd Shift

Laboratory Name: 
United States Drug Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Job Description: 

Job Description:
The Company:

USDTL is a specialty forensic laboratory pioneering drug testing in alternate specimens. Along with traditional specimen testing such as urine and blood, we are leading the laboratory industry in substance abuse toxicology in umbilical cord, fingernail, meconium, and hair testing. We provide laboratory services for healthcare facilities, child protection agencies, the Department of Defense, legal services, research partners, businesses, and analytical and forensic laboratories.

Educational/Experience Requirements:

Qualified candidates must have one of the following: Bachelor’s degree in chemical, physical, biological or clinical laboratory/medical technology sciences and have at least six years of pertinent clinical laboratory experience or a Master’s degree in chemical, physical, biological or clinical laboratory/medical technology sciences and at least four years of pertinent clinical laboratory experience. In addition qualified candidates must have at least 4 years of pertinent GCMS and/or LCMS experience.

Position Functions/Tasks:

Leads Forensic Analytical Chemists on 3rd shift and monitors their performance.
Ensures that equipment and instruments are properly maintained at a defined frequency of maintenance, repair, and documented in the appropriate manner, assuring that all remedial actions are taken and reported to the Laboratory Manager whenever tests systems/personnel deviate from the laboratory’s established performance specifications. In the event of non-conformance, ensuring that results of test examinations are not reported until all corrective actions have been taken and the test system is properly functioning. Provide training to personnel, evaluate and document the competency of all testing personnel at a frequency defined by the laboratory SOP. Monitor inventory of laboratory consumables, participate and execute special projects and initiate troubleshooting when issues arise.

Experience developing methods for GCMS/LCMSMS, Previous experience in a Forensic Toxicology Laboratory, Previous Leadership experience, Previous experience as a Positive Certifying Scientist

If you meet these qualifications, please contact:
Ericka Williams, EdD
Human Resource Manager
Mary Jones
Mass Spectrometry Manager
847-375-0770 ext 8872

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Ericka Williams, EdD, Mary Jones
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