Forensic Technician II - Toxicology

Laboratory Name: 
SC Law Enforcement Division
South Carolina
Job Description: 


General Responsibility:
Under general supervision, serve as a Forensic Technician II in the Toxicology Department to provide administrative and technical support to the forensic scientists and perform Level I analysis for submitted cases.

Specific Duties:
Maintain an accurate inventory of reagents, supplies, instruments, evidence and certificates of analysis.

Proficiently perform basic toxicological measurements to include blood volatiles and drug screen analysis (level I analysis). Input resulting data into LIMS system. Effectively testify to the analytical methods and quality control measures required for analysis and generate reports based on results of analysis. Maintain associated instrument logs and records.

Responsible for ordering supplies and reagents.

Provide assistance with running and maintaining drug screen and UV-Vis instruments.

Assist with Safety checks and record keeping throughout the laboratory.

Assist forensic scientists in the preparation and accountability of evidence by performing inventory and photo documentation of evidence. Assist with transport of evidence between the department and Evidence Control.

Assist with laboratory housekeeping duties such as biohazardous waste and cleaning of glassware.

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