Forensic Scientist (Toxicology Laboratory)

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Washington State Patrol
Job Description: 

This position conducts case analysis on evidence submitted to the Toxicology Laboratory. You will perform analytical testing for volatiles, drugs and other toxins on biological samples using measuring devices such as dilutors and pipettes. The extracted samples are then analyzed by laboratory instrumentation.

You will report scientific findings supported by data using a laboratory information management system for creating the reports and evidence handling. You will also provide courtroom testimony; prepare and certify simulator solutions for the WSP Breath Test Program; and perform quality assurance testing and instrument maintenance.

This position interacts with other scientists, laboratory management (supervisors, managers, division commander), the Quality assurance department and other laboratory technical and/or administrative personnel. You will also interact with personnel from other laboratories or sections within the Bureau, at functional area meetings, as well as court attorneys.

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Melissa Rasmussen