Drugs and Driving Committee

Society of Forensic Toxicologists and American Academy of Forensic Sciences Toxicology Section

The purpose of the SOFT/AAFS Drugs & Driving Committee is to provide professional support and development in the area of drugs and driving impairment. The Committee meets twice a year in conjunction with the SOFT and AAFS annual meetings. Committee members are appointed by the Chair and must be a member of SOFT and/or AAFS Toxicology Section. There are no restrictions on the number of members, and there are no committee member term limits. The Chair may also appoint “liaisons” to the committee who are not required to be members of SOFT and/or AAFS Toxicology section. The liaison role is to facilitate communication between the Committee and other groups engaged in similar activities (i.e. NSC, IACP (TAP), NHTSA, NIDA, etc). The current Committee members are:

  • Michael Corbett
  • Fiona Couper
  • Olaf Drummer
  • Chester Flaxmayer
  • Ann Marie Gordon
  • Curt Harper
  • Chuck Hayes
  • Marilyn Huestis
  • William Johnson
  • Sarah Kerrigan
  • Loralie Langman
  • Dayong Lee
  • Laura Liddicoat
  • Jennifer Limoges
  • Barry Logan
  • Amy Miles
  • Christine Moore
  • Ashraf Mozayani
  • Tim Rohrig
  • Colleen Scarneo
  • Mick Smith
  • Michelle Spirk
  • Jarrad Wagner
  • Michael Wagner (FL)
  • Michael Wagner (IN)
  • Robert Zettl

Traditionally there is a dedicated “Drugs & Driving Special Session” (platform presentations) at the AAFS and SOFT annual meetings. The Committee Chair and/or Special Session Coordinator must communicate with the SOFT Annual Meeting Host(s) and Scientific Chair(s) and with the AAFS Annual meeting Toxicology Program Chair regarding the logistics of a DUID special session during the annual meeting. There is no requirement for the special session presenters to be Committee members, but the members of the committee are expected to contribute.

The Committee regularly coordinates workshops at SOFT and AAFS. Workshop abstracts must clearly state it is a Drugs & Driving Committee sponsored workshop, and at least one co-chair must be a Committee member. The Committee has also partnered with the SOFT Continuing Education Committee in the past to provide regional training opportunities specific to drug impaired driving.

Any questions or comments for the Drugs and Driving Committee may be directed to the Committee Chair, Amy Miles, at amy.miles@slh.wisc.edu.