Chief Forensic Laboratories

Laboratory Name: 
Medical Examiner Coroner - County of Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Job Description: 

• Manages laboratory operations, including protocol development and implementation of new programs and services.
• Provides technical and administrative direction, through subordinate supervisors, to laboratory personnel engaged in receiving, processing, analyzing, and interpreting physical data.
• Directs and participates in research into new methods, procedures, and techniques of scientific medico-legal investigation.
• Coordinates activities of the Bureau with internal and external stakeholders, both public and private, such as other County departments, laboratories, the court, law enforcement agencies, and scientific associations, to ensure successful operation of the Bureau.
• Reviews and interprets analytical data and renders opinions to medical staff, law enforcement, and the courts based on laboratory findings; confers with other forensic experts concerning evidence and its interpretation; testifies in court as an expert witness regarding laboratory operations, physical evidence, forensic results, scientific analysis, and case knowledge.
• Develops the Bureau's annual budget based on current and projected program needs.
• Supervises the preparation of grant funding requests and the administration of research grants from Federal and State agencies.
• Recommends, implements and monitors departmental procedures, policies, standards, and training programs, with a focus on continuous improvement.
• Reviews and interprets test results, acts to correct any potential violations whenever deviations in Laboratory policy and procedures occur; recommends corrective action where appropriate.
• Provides short and long term planning strategies to the Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner based on Forensic standards and practices, to continually evaluate and recommend new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of the Bureau.
• Represents the organization during laboratory accreditation inspections, and ensures that standards and requirements are met for the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLAD/LAB).
• Provides responsive, high quality customer service to representatives of internal and external agencies, members of the public and community.
• Reviews laboratory reports and findings, maintaining precise records of all examinations performed, compiles statistical data, writes scientific reports, presents and interprets analytical results; renders technical reports of findings.
• Chairs the Department's Research Committee, ensuring compliance with departmental guidelines, monitoring and documenting activities to completion.
• Acts in the absence of the Chief Deputy Director as needed.

Contact Info
Olga Arteaga